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20040319 FELO fra Barneombudet, Påslåtte mobiltelefoner i skoletiden

En aktuell og interessant beretning fra Lektor Sianette Kwee.


Several Danish municipalities decided for a long time ago, to put a ban to the raising of 3G masts. The minister of telecommunication told them, as this was illegal, they could be sued, but the mayors said, they could not care less. The Danish Health council send a letter out to all mayors, telling them that both masts and mobilphones were completely harmless and they could just ask their medical officers of health about it.

Till miljöminister Lena Sommestad

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Help save the health and lives of children, youth and living people

Dear Friends of Life
Here is an attached brochure with widely suppressed information about the dangers of microwave radiation. You are requested to pass it on in your network and print it out and leave it in public places. Help stop the microwave madness and save the health and lives of children, youth and living people. May Justice Prevail

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